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Maintenance for the Volvo V70

Last tuesday my Volvo V70 went to the garage for a 20.000km inspection. Besides the regular oil change (including new oil filter) also the thermostat and interior filter was changed. And of course: the Vredestein Quatrac 3 allweather-tires were installed on the Mimas alloy wheels.

Unfortunately there is a big problem with the engine: there is too much motion on the cam gear wheel so a lot of oil is leaked from the top of the engine and hits the timing belt. It needs replacement as soon as possible because oil can damage the timing belt and if the belt breaks the engine will be damaged badly. The timing belt should be replaced next year, so it’s not a real big disaster and with a new cam gear wheel the replacement will be about 350 Euro more expensive  (including wages) than a regular timing belt change.

The workshop also have some nice spoilers and other styling items for various Volvos. Since I don’t have roofrails on my V70 I think the car isn’t very pretty (the rear of the car looks a bit “sacked down” without roofrails or a spoiler). So I also bought a rear spoiler for the V70N which isn’t the replica of the original V70 rear spoiler (with third brake light) but a Swedish-made spoiler which is a bit rounder. And I can still use the original center brake light: on most aftermarket spoiler the new brake light is too weak.

Volvo V70 V70N rear roof spoiler
The new rear roof spoiler of my Volvo V70 should look like this one 

The spoiler hasn’t got a color yet, so I decided to paint it myself. I will post an update when the spoiler-project is finished!

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