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New tires for the Volvo V70 and 740

Last wednesday I ordered 4 brand new tires for my Volvo V70 and 2 new tires for the Volvo 740 GLE of my girlfriend. Since I hate to change wheels and the winters in The Netherlands are pretty soft I ordered 6 allweather-tires.

It’s hard to choose which tire I should get, because tests may vary in their results. Most all season-tires aren’t good enough in snow and others are too noisy or are pretty weak in wet conditions. My dad bought 4 Goodyear Vector 4 all season tires for his 2001 V70 and was extremely happy with it: good grip in the winter and snow, and at least as good as his previous tires (Michelin Primacy). The Goodyear Vector 4 was awarded as “best all season tire” at the ANWB and Autoweek. But the Vredestein Quatrac 3 (also an all weather tire) won the test at the German ADAC and Autobild allseason-tiretest. The grip in snow and ice is almost as good as snow tires and in wet conditions (which is almost common in The Netherlands) the Vredestein-tire scored a bit higher than the Goodyear Vector 4 and the Vredestein became the winner of that test. Allseason-tires should be a bit more noisy than summer tires but according to my dad his new tires aren’t producing more noise than his old summer tires. Both brands are allowed to add M+S and a snowflake-symbol on these tires.

Vredestein Quatrac 3 all season weather tires M + S snowflake

Since I would like to support the Dutch economy and think the ADAC runs better tests than the ANWB (which also are very good, but sometimes they “buy” their tests from other countries) I decided to order 6 Vredestein Quatrac 3 all season tires at Toopneus.com. The tire size for both cars is 205/55/R16 and I ordered the 91H-version. The tires should arrive this afternoon.

Update: and finally they arrived! See the pictures below.

Vredestein Quatrac 3 allseason allweather tire Volvo V70 tire set allweather all season
The tireset in the trunk of my Volvo V70. In the background you’ll see my old set (Mimas wheels with Continental tires) 

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