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Volvo V70 T6 for Dutch police

The Dutch police (KLPD) ordered 4 new Volvo V70s for high-speed pursuits. The KLPD already uses the Volvo V50, S60 and V70 (even a V70R) for daily use but those cars weren’t fast enough for pursuits.

A long time ago the KLPD had Porsches for high-speed pursuits but due cuts in the budget those cars were abandoned in 1994. Since then there weren’t real fast cars (although the Volvo 850 T5 the KLPD were using since then wasn’t slow at all). Unfortunately these days cars are a lot faster and police cars were way too slow in a pursuit (criminals uses faster cars these days and the cars of the KLPD are limited to 220km/h). There are about 2 high-speed purchases per week in The Netherlands and unfortunately most of the policecars are too slow.  That’s why the KLPD deciced to buy 4 new Volvo V70 T6 cars after a comparison between the V70 T6 and a BMW 5-series. Since the Volvo is safer, easier to maintain (the Dutch police are servicing their cars themselves), cheaper and has a better road handling (according to the KLPD test centre) the KLPD decided to buy 4 cars. But since the KLPD isn’t allowed to exceed its budget 11 older cars must be sold.

Volvo V70 T6 type 6 KLPD achtervolgingen high speed purchase polis politie Nederlandse Zweedse
The Swedish police uses a V70 D5, the Dutch V70 T6 will be faster but will almost look the same (except for the livery) 

The new Volvo V70 T6 will be chipped and the speed limiter (245km/h) will be removed. The Dutch media and KLPD says the top speed will be about 250km/h but my very-well informed resources within the Dutch police told me the top speed will be higher than that.



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