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Archive for March, 2012

Maintenance for the Volvo V70

Last tuesday my Volvo V70 went to the garage for a 20.000km inspection. Besides the regular oil change (including new oil filter) also the thermostat and interior filter was changed. And of course: the Vredestein Quatrac 3 allweather-tires were installed on the Mimas alloy wheels. Unfortunately there is a big problem with the engine: there is too much motion […]


New tires for the Volvo V70 and 740

Last wednesday I ordered 4 brand new tires for my Volvo V70 and 2 new tires for the Volvo 740 GLE of my girlfriend. Since I hate to change wheels and the winters in The Netherlands are pretty soft I ordered 6 allweather-tires. It’s hard to choose which tire I should get, because tests may vary […]


Volvo V70 T6 for Dutch police

The Dutch police (KLPD) ordered 4 new Volvo V70s for high-speed pursuits. The KLPD already uses the Volvo V50, S60 and V70 (even a V70R) for daily use but those cars weren’t fast enough for pursuits. A long time ago the KLPD had Porsches for high-speed pursuits but due cuts in the budget those cars were […]