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New owner for NedCar?

A couple of weeks ago I posted an item about the closing of former Volvo-factory NedCar in Born (the Netherlands, where the Volvo 300-series, 400-series and S40/V40 were build). You can find the article here. But yesterday Mitsubishi announced they’re willing to find a buyer for it (which was also said earlier: you can buy […]


NedCar closing?

Unfortunately the current owner of NedCar, Mitsubishi, decided this morning the NedCar-factory in Born (The Netherlands) will be closed at the end of 2012 (at this moment it seems it will be closed on the first of December this year). At this moment NedCar has 1.500 employees and they build the Mitsubish Colt and Outlander for […]


Swedish winter in The Netherlands

The winter was very warm this season, until last week: the weather changed immediately from 9-10 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius. And yesterday it was snowing very hard! The Netherlands is covered with 10cm snow (some places even a bit more) and last night the temperature was about -20 degrees Celsius. Very cold, especially […]


Updates for the Volvo V70?

I’m considering some updates for my 2001 Volvo V70. Since the car is a very basic Comfortline (but fortunately I have climate control and a HU-1205 radio with GPS-system) the car is limited in several options, like: no roofrails, simple 15-inch wheels with hub caps (now used for snow tires and for better circumstances I […]


Volvotips Youtube-channel

Did you know that Volvotips.com has a own Youtube-channel? You can find it here. At this moment there are about 15 videos but new videos are being uploaded weekly. The most videos are from one of my cars, lik the walkaround-video below. Just visit the Volvotips videochannel on Youtube for more nice vids!