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How to install rear speakers in a Volvo V70

My 2001 Volvo V70 is a very basic version: the Comfortline. The Volvo V70N (2000-2008) is a very luxurious car but it can be limited in very small things, like only speakers in the front or a manual airconditioning system (but most V70s are sold with electronic climate control). Fortunately I have climate control but a very poor sound system. The car was originally equipped with a Volvo CR-503 single DIN radio (about the cheapest Volvo ever made) but it was replaced by the previous owner with a HU-1205 navigation system. If you bought a Volvo V70 with HU-1205 it came with a better sound system (Performance Line, which includes 6 speakers). My car only has two front speakers and two tweeters (all speakers are installed in the doors).

Volvo V70 2001 grey gray metallic

I always want a nice sound in my car, but I don’t give a lot about a top-of-the-bill sound system. If there are some speakers in front and behind me and don’t produce a distorted sound I’m happy. The speakers of Volvo itself aren’t that bad, so if I install a pair of original speakers the job should be done!

Click on the “more” button to continue this story and the how-to for installing rear door speakers in a Volvo S60/V70/S80.

Since the original speakers are pretty hard to get at the Volvo-dealer I decided to try my luck with a pair of second-hand speakers. I found a set of speakers on Marktplaats (the Dutch crappy light-version of Ebay, but sometimes you will have some luck) and a few days later the set arrived. I never knew the rear speakers for a Volvo S60/S80/V70 were that big!

Volvo S60 V70 S80 rear door speakers 8673725
The Volvo 8673725 rear speakers, pretty big!

The rear side of the doorspeakers

Installing the rear speakers isn’t rocketscience. In fact: it’s much easier than installing them in a Volvo 940 or 740! Just follow the steps below and you’re done in no-time.

How to install the rear speakers

Here’s the how-to for installing rear speakers in a Volvo S60, S80 or V70 (and XC70). Click on the images for a larger version. Hopefully this tutorial will help you a lot with your audio-problem. Good luck!

Step 1: pick a side!

Volvo V70 rear left door panel 
The rear left door panel of my Volvo V70

Step 2: remove the screw of the doorgrip

Volvo V70 S60 doorpanel removal
Remove the small cover and use a Torx screwdriver (or a standard screwdriver) to remove the screw

Step 3: remove the clips that holds the doorpanel

The center of the doorpanel clips must be pushed down to remove the doorpanel. But don’t push too hard, otherwise the clip will break!

Step 4: unplugging the door handle and electrical window-interface

Volvo S60 V70 XC70 doorpanel remove
Unplug the electrical window-button and doorhandle and the panel can be removed!

Volvo V70 doorpanel removed
The doorpanel is removed!

Volvo V70 speaker prepared preparation
Every Volvo S60, V70, S80 and XC70 is prepared for installing rear door speakers

Step 5: preparing the speaker hole

Volvo V70 speaker preparation
Remove the foam cover

Volvo V70 cable harness speakers
And unfold the speaker cable harness

Step 6: preparation for installing the speakers

Volvo V70 anchor points rear speakers door
Volvo uses rivets for installing rear speakers, but it’s a pretty strange solution. I prefer screws and nuts. The screws are mounted from inside out and tightened by nuts when the speaker will be installed.

Step 7: installing the speaker

Volvo V70 XC70 S60 S80 rear speaker door installation
Installing the speaker, it only fits in one way: at the left side the speaker connector must be directed to the door hinges. But when the speaker is installed you’re not ready: the doorpanel also needs some adjustments!

Step 8: adjusting the doorpanel


The inner side of the doorpanel

Volvo S60 V70 S80 doorpanel speaker hole cutout
Use a Stanley knife to cut out a hole in the doorpanel. Otherwise it will sounds like crap!

Volvo V70 doorpanel speaker hole
That will sound a lot better!

Step 9: re-install the doorhandle, electrical window button and doorpanel

Volvo V70 S60 S80 door panel clips
Collect all the clips, plug in the window button and door handle and install the door panel

Repeat all the steps above on the other side of the car for installing the other speaker!

Step 10: done and enjoy!

Volvo V70 doorpanel speaker cover
Job done!

As you can see it’s pretty easy to install rear speakers in your Volvo V70 (or S60, S80 or XC70, the panels are almost the same). If you still have any questions: feel free to e-mail me at info@volvotips.com.

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