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New parts for the Volvo V70 and 244 diesel

Thanks to Advanced Performance Parts (APP) I received a lot of New Old Stock (NOS) original Volvo-parts for my 2001 V70 and MY1980 Volvo 2440 D6 diesel. APP (Baarlo, The Netherlands) has a huge overstock of Volvo-parts, but they also sell some nice tuning-stuff and replacement parts for modern and classic Volvos. They are also specialized in tuning B18- and B20-engines for the PV, Amazon, P1800-series and 140. Dutch classic Volvo-enthousiasts will remember them: Tinustechniek is now a part of APP.

The parts for the V70 are mostly accessories and the parts for the 244 D24 are for some maintenance which I should do on a short term.

Volvo NOS New Old Stock parts
The collection of the New Old Stock parts

I’ve ordered the following parts:

Volvo V70 steering wheel leather grey 2001 30741097
Volvo V70 leather steering wheel
Volvo luggage net V70 grey 9488966
Volvo V70 net pocket for cargo compartment
Volvo map holder pocket storage centre console 9481249
Volvo V70 map pocket for centre console
Volvo V70 cupholder 2000 2001 9499103
Volvo V70 cupholders
Volvo hub cap wheelcover 15-inch 30714560 S60 V70 S80 850 940 740
Volvo wheel cover 15-inch
Volvo D24 diesel cam timing belt part 3507227
Volvo D24 diesel timing belt
Volvo diesel D24 oil filter without turbo 1257492
2 Volvo diesel D24 oil filters
Volvo diesel Bosch fuel filter D24 1257201
Volvo D24 fuel filter
Volvo diesel D24 airfilter 1328047
Volvo D24 airfilter
Volvo cupholders centre console S60 8622908
Volvo S60 cupholders

Click on the image for a large version

The current steering wheel of my V70 isn’t a leather version but the “simple” cheap plastic version. It is very worn so it really needs a replacement. The wheel cover is needed for the winter tires but I’m still missing one hub cap to have two complete sets (the second set can be fitted on the Volvo 740 GLE of my girlfriend for her winter set).  The S60 cupholders was a small mistake, but fortunately my brother just bought a Volvo S60 so maybe he will be happy with it.

Tomorrow I will install some parts into the V70. I’ll make a blog-post about it.

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