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Welcome @ Volvotips.com! The most complete website for the Volvo PV until the legendary Volvo 850. You can find all info about all classic Volvo cars and youngtimers on this website, including service manuals, parts catalogs and the complete detailed history about the development of your favorite Volvo. Every day new content will be published.

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At this website you will find all info about:
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– Volvo Amazon
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– Volvo 1800-series
– Volvo 240- and 260-series
– Volvo 740, 760 and 780
– Volvo 940 and 960
– Volvo 850

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Volvo PV 544 Sport B18 Rally and Volvo P210 Duett Commercial Break Van

Update July 15 2011: at the moment we’re working very hard on the History-pages of the various types. A new domain will be introduced next week or the week after: www.volvotips.com instead of the Dutch extension (Volvotips.nl will be a redirect for the .com-version).

Update July 30 2011: www.volvotips.com is the new URL for Volvotips! The Dutch .nl-extension is now active as a redirect for Volvotips.com.

Update August 1 2011: many people ask me where the photo (with the Duett and PV) above is taken. It is taken at a World War II-museum in Son (The Netherlands). That weekend a veteran car show was held at the museum and the PV and Duett were standing at the entrance. Also big news: we’re working very hard to publish the upholstery pages of the Amazon (including samples of the interior colors). Also the search function has been improved. Stay tuned for more content, and follow us at Twitter to get in touch!


Volvo art on canvas

A hobby I had in the past was drawing and painting. Mostly Formula One cars, but also various cars like Volvos, Rovers, Opels and sports cars. But I didn’t make any painting the last couple of years (due lack of time and lack of space) and because we’ve moved to a much bigger house last year it’s time to pick up this old hobby again. Fortunately my paint skills weren’t gone so I made a couple of paintings on canvas with some nice Volvo cars. In most cases I use acryl paint, but also the original Volvo car paint in a spray can is also used on some paintings. The paintings are a bit figurative because I think the design of the Volvo cars are much stronger in its full glory than spending too much attention on details and shadows. Especially since I create in most cases a special paintwork on the car itself. Besides: it’s in my opinion much more fun painting cars in this way than copying a photo of a car, because it would be better to take a picture and put the image on your wall. A painting has mucht more creativity and imagination than a photo in my opinion, and a lot of more posibilities in colors and backgrounds.

Volvo artwork for sale

It’s possible to buy a painting (made by me) with a Volvo on it! All paintings are painted on canvas with acryl paint and in some cases with (metallic) car paint (original Volvo colors). All paintings cost $ 150.– (120 Euro) and have a size of  19.7 x  15.7 inch (50 x 40 cm).

volvo 240 244 sedan painting art artwork 260 264 200 series saloon artist volvo amazon painting art artwork 120 121 131 drawing sketch volvo p1800 1800 1800s 1800e painting art artwork drawing sketch yellow blue green

Custom Volvo painting

If you want I can make a Volvo painting especially for you, for example the Volvo car you’ve owned in the past or a car with special colors on it. A custom painting will have the same price as the other paintings.

Other sizes are also possible, but keep in mind the shipping costs can be a lot higher if the painting is pretty large!

How to order a Volvo painting on canvas

To see all available paintings, how to order and read more about shipping costs check out the Volvo Art-page here. Feel free to mail me at info@volvotips.com for more questions!


The Volvo 1800ES is back: the Volvo Concept Estate is launched!

Today Volvo announced their new concept car, the Volvo Concept Estate. Where the Volvo Concept Coupé was a remake of the legendary Volvo P1800, Volvo’s newest concept car is a remake of the Volvo 1800ES, a shooting brake version of the Volvo 1800-series, although Volvo never marketed the 1800ES as a shooting brake. The newest prototype is launched to show the new design direction of Volvo, which will be introduced on production versions like the new XC90. In fact: the new XC90 will have Volvo’s newest design philosophy and I think (based on the glass window of the Concept XC Coupe and the Concept Estate) the XC90 will have a rear that’s inspired on the Concept Estate. Just like the Concept Coupe and Concept XC Coupe the Concept Estate will be build on the SPA platform.

Volvo Concept Estate side view profile 1800 ES P1800ES P1800 1800ES remake prototype

Just like the Volvo Concept Coupé the 1800 ES remake has several design details that directly refers to the P1800ES, like the glass rear window and boot,  higher door lines at the rear of the door, the side windows and some details (like the chrome trims around the grille and headlamps) that also can be found on the Volvo 1800-series. And the interior and dashboard are actually a modern version of the beautiful P1800 interior and is almost the same as the interior and dash of the Volvo Concept Coupé.

Small detail: the badge on the rear of the car says Concept ES (instead of Concept Estate). Seems Volvo originally wanted to call the car Volvo Concept ES but for some reasons the name Estate is used.

Images of the new Volvo Concept Estate (click on it and it will open as a larger version in a new window/tab):

Volvo Concept Estate rear view boot lid glass window 1800ES P1800ES P1800 ES remake prototype Volvo Concept Estate interior dash dashboard touchscreen tablet touch panel 1800ES remake

Volvo Concept Estate prototype front grill view 1800ES remake retro car Volvo Concept Estate interior rear seats folded down luggage compartment boot lid 1800ES remake P1800

Volvo Concept Estate 1800ES SPA platform retro prototype rear glass window Volvo Concept Estate side view shooting brake break wagon 1800ES

Volvo Concept Estate sunroof interior moonroof glass roof window 1800ES prototype remake Volvo Concept Estate 1800ES P1800ES P1800 ES remake prototype

The Volvo Concept Estate will be launched at the Geneva Motorshow 2014, starting on March 6 2014.

Leaked photos of the new Volvo Concept XC Coupe

Thanks to the website Jalopnik.com and Autoblog.com the leaked images of Volvo’s new concept car are now already available. The launch of the Volvo Concept XC Coupe is planned on January 13 this year, but somehow the pictures are already online. Oops!

volvo concept xc coupe leaked image
The newest Volvo concept car: the Volvo Concept XC Coupe, it looks like a C30 offroad-version


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Merry Christmas!

Volvotips wishes you and your family a merry Christmas! Enjoy your holiday and enjoy your Volvo while driving safely to your family or friends!

volvo amazon 240 turbo christmas card greetings snow


How to remove a radio in your Volvo S60, V70, S80 or XC90

When you want to remove or replace the radio, or you want to install a MP3 or smartphone module in your Volvo S60, V70, XC70, XC90 or S80 there are some steps that you need to take, otherwise you’ll end up in fault codes and errors. This tutorial is almost the same as the tutorials for the Yatour and GROM USB / mp3-module. This how-to guide will tell you more detailed info how to remove the radio or navigation unit in your Volvo in case you don’t have the HU-1205 radio or a single DIN-radio in your car.

volvo s80 dash dashboard how to remove radio s60 xc70 v70 xc90 tutorial guide instructions

Continue reading the how-to guide

Volvo launches the V60 Polestar – a true successor for the 850 T-5R

Today Volvo and Polestar introduced the new Volvo V60 Polestar. In my opinion it’s very cool Volvo has now a really fast estate car, and as a special model. Just like the 850 T-5R was. Polestar says the V60 Polestar is to celebrate the Volvo-heritage of fast stationwagons like the 850 BTCC. Just like the legendary 850 T-5R the V60 Polestar will be a limited edition. It means the V60 Polestar will be actually for sale!

Volvo V60 Polestar T6

Continue reading about the new Volvo V60 Polestar

The Volvo P1800 revival: Volvo launches the new Concept Coupé sports car with retro-look at the IAA

Volvo teased the Volvo-fans last days with a couple of sneak previews of their new concept coupé car that will be presented at the IAA motor show in Frankfurt. With the question / slogan “Is this Volvo?” they want the world to know Volvo is planning to launch a car that isn’t the traditional family car but will be a 2-door coupé or even a real sportscar! In the sneak preview it appeared the Volvo Concept Coupé (the name of the new concept car) has several references to the legendary Volvo P1800, like the badge on the back of the car, the boot and rear of the car, higher door lines at the rear of the door, the side windows and some details (like the chrome trims around the grille and headlamps) that also can be found on the Volvo 1800-series. And the interior and dashboard are actually a modern version of the beautiful P1800 interior, like the chrome dials and chrome trims on the doorpanels. It seems the Volvo Concept Coupé is a remake of the P1800. Really cool!

volvo concept coupe 2013 iaa frankfurt p1800 remake
The Volvo Concept Coupé will be presented at the IAA car show in Frankfurt
volvo concept coupe p1800 remake retro revival sportscar SPA chassis platform front chrome grille headlights
The new Volvo Concept Coupé has a lot of references to the legendary Volvo P1800, like the grille, dashboard and instrument cluster and overall design of the car

Today Volvo presented the world their newest concept car on the new Volvo SPA-platform. It’s called the Volvo Concept Coupé . The 2-door coupé looks very nice and the P1800 heritage can be found pretty good in the design of the new Volvo sports car (although it might be a Grand Touring if it went into production, just like the P1800 in the good old days). Hopefully this concept car will be produced in the future, and it will be pretty likely the car will actually appear on the road in the near future: Volvo presented concept cars in the past that were produced within 2 years as a production version (like the C30 concept, which became the C30).



Image gallery of the Volvo Concept Coupé.

Click on the image for a larger version.

volvo concept coupe 2013 iaa frankfurt back rear retro sportscar p1800 volvo concept coupé 2013 iaa frankfurt dash instruments instrument cluster p1800 dashboard dials
volvo concept coupé coupe 2013 iaa frankfurt autosalon motor show car carshow front volvo concept coupe coupé 2013 iaa frankfurt motorshow p1800 rear view
volvo concept coupe 2013 iaa frankfurt autosalon autoshow p1800 retro car front view volvo concept coupe 2013 interior dash p1800 1800 instrument cluster view upholstery seats doorpanels dashboard


The Volvo Concept Coupé will be shown at the IAA Frankfurt autosalon 2013 in Germany, which will start on September 12 and ends on September 22 2013.

Replacing the V70 with a Volvo V70 turbo, which is replaced by a Volvo S80 2.4T

My 2001 Volvo V70 needed a replacement: after a huge mistake of a Dutch Volvo-tuner (they replaced the cambelt without using special tools, so the cambelt wasn’t installed correctly) so I didn’t trust the engine anymore (running idle wasn’t great: it had some dips sometimes). I drove the car more than a year with these problem but it didn’t get worse. But I decided to buy a new car because I still didn’t trust the engine.

Volvo V70 V70N turbo silver metallic gray grey 2000 2001 p26
My old Volvo V70 (the dark gray car) and the new V70 turbo  

The V70 turbo drives well, but at the dealer there was also a very nice 2002 Volvo S80 2.4T which was like a brand-new car! After two weeks I switched the V70 Turbo for the S80. The dealer didn’t have any problem at all with the switch and also checked the S80 including a new MOT.

Volvo S80 turbo side view 17 inch arrakis alloy wheels rims sedan


Read the rest of the article for more pictures and info about the V70 Turbo and S80 2.4T

A new oldie has arrived: ’78 Volvo 244 DL automatic

Two months ago I sold my good old 1986 Volvo 240 DL after Kevin and I restored the car. I didn’t want to sell the car for any price, but only when someone was interested in it and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Someone did, and the car was gone. Since it was a very nice car (after the restoration), and the ’84 740 GL was also sold a couple of months earlier I only had the V70 and the 740 GLE of my girlfriend here on the pavement. Not a classic car anymore, and after a while you’re going to miss a 240. So I decided to buy a 240 when a nice one or a good hobbycar would appear on the web. It’s a pretty good time to buy a nice 240 for a pretty low price since the Dutch government changed the tax-status of the oldies in the Netherlands, and it appeared most Dutch classic car owners doesn’t give **** about the car, but only about driving around without paying any tax. That’s why the Volvo 200- and 700-series are dropped a lot in price.

On a Dutch forum a pretty cool 1978 Volvo 244 DL automatic with 264 bignose front, 244 GL/GLE 1979/1980 H4 headlights  and 246 back lights was posted as an advertisement. The ad said the car was only running on LPG (didn’t work on gasoline) and wasn’t running well. The owner didn’t have a clue what the problem with the car could be and didn’t want to spend any money or time on the Volvo 244 DL since this car should pay about 100 Euro per month on road taxes in 2014.

Volvo 244 DL with 264 front headlighs headlamps grille bignose
My new old Volvo 244 DL automatic with 264 bignose front (click on the image for a large version)


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New tax regulations for classic cars in The Netherlands: 40 years and older cars will be tax-free

Today was the big day: Secretary of Finance Frans Weekers finally announced the new plans for classic cars in The Netherlands. After several weeks of arguing with oldtimer-clubs and branche & sector representatives, and even mediation by ex-minister De Jager, there is a final solution for this soap. BNR Newsradio  announced the plans of Weekers. Classic cars will become tax-free after 40 years (the owner of the car doesn’t have to pay any road taxes), no matter which fuel the car is using (petrol, LPG or diesel). For petrol cars there will be a transition: petrol cars of 26 years will pay a quarter tax rate and aren’t allowed to be used during the winter (December, January and February).

Volvo Amazon 131 oldtimer oldie 1969

These new regulations will become active on January 1 2014.

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